Merthyr (@1.33) vs Pontypridd (@3.4)

Our Prediction:

Merthyr will win

Merthyr – Pontypridd Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 12:15

Aheadof their Six Nations final match against Ireland, Welsh forwards coach Robin McBryde evenadmitted they wereprobably facing the best side in the world. The Irish have yet to reach the Semifinals, never mind winning a World Cup,butdespite arockystartin 2019, they had a strongyearin 2018, having taken a Grand Slamvictory at the SixNationsas well managing to beat the All-Blacks for the first time on home soil. Its hard to saywith their current showing but they may be in good standing to take the throne this year. Now that being said, Wales did goon to beat Ireland in the final of the Six Nations and win a grand slam.

New Zealand are the reigning worldchampions, having won in 2011 and then defending the title with a second consecutive win in 2015. Can theypull off a third win this year, or will we see them knocked off the top spot? Rugby World Cup 2019 is being held in Japan from the 20th September tothe 2nd November, with over 20 nations competing.

New Zealand has been drawn in the same Pool as South Africa thisyear and while New Zealand are still widely held to be the favourite to win, South Africa are considered the only team in the pool capable of pulling off an upset and taking down the AllBlacks. The two top contenders for pundits in the past few months have been either Ireland or (youguessed it) New Zealand.

*Ligue 1

Pool C is set to be the toughest of thegroupings in this years tournament, with England, Franceand Argentina all vying for the quarter-finals. All three teams are at peak levelbutEngland iscurrently the favourite behind Ireland and New Zealand for the Cup, so we may at least see themcome out on top of the pool.

As a Welsh man the p Taylor more I think about it the more anxious I get because the dream would be for Wales to beat England In the semi finals then beat Newzealand or Sout Africa in the final. How sweet that would be but the more I ponder the further away my dream feels. But wouldnt it be great.

Ireland is a shoe in to top Group A, but will then face NZ then RSA, or RSA then NZ. England, Wales, Argentina, Australia and France on the other. A tough road indeed. Whichever of NZ and RSA tops Group B will have a sweet run to the Semis. Ireland, New Zealand (NZ) and South Africa (RSA) are all on one side of the draw. Argentina could seriously top Group C, but it is too close to call which of England, France or Argentina will go through. Semis are therefore likely to be Wales vs England and either NZ or RSA vs Ireland. Wales is likely to top Pool D ahead of Australia.