Port FC (@1.4) vs Chainat Hornbill (@6.5)

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Port FC will win

Port FC – Chainat Hornbill Match Prediction | 03-10-2019 07:00

Some of the kids involved were given new bikes, sorry typo, were severely reprimanded by someone. Considering what happened at PAT everyone saw this as an attempt to redress the balance after their players had stuff thrown at them. Later the Chainat owner apologised for not ensuring the safety of away fans. Not by a fan group but a bunch of kids. With Cheating Chainats record we can have a good guess. Rocks were thrown at the Port fans sitting in the away section when Port visited in July 2015. Whether they were encouraged to do this by some at Chainat, or just bored kids doing what lots of bored kids do we will never know.

I think we are a better, more balanced team with him, but the last thing Port need to do is rush him back and cause a longer term injury as they have done too often before. Hopefully we will be using him more than in 20 or 30-minute bursts at the end of games. Ive always said theres not much to choose between these two players but Dolah looked good coming on after Todsapol was tiring. There was a story in the Thai Press about Suarez (5) coming back into the squad but he was nowhere to be seen on Saturday. Unlikely to be many surprises for Port. Saying that Flash (A.K.A. Prior to Saturday he was being criminally underused. Only injuries seem to really change our oversized overseers team selection. I think the line-up will be pretty much the same as Saturday but with Kim (8) playing a more defensive role. Also I think Dolah (4) may start over Todsapol (6). Terens Puhuri) (28) did get a good run out on Saturday.

After gentle persuasion from the match officials they came back out, to a very hostile PAT reception. After consulting with the linesman the ref reversed the decision. decided to even things up by giving Chainat a very soft penalty. As is so often the case the ref. The usual cheering of the home fans was probably not a good idea in this atmosphere the Chainat players went over to Zone C, but their aim was more to taunt the beaten home fans joking and laughing at Zone C stands, which sparked off an assortment of plastic cups and random items being thrown at the Chainat players. After the referee reversed his decision it was time for the Chainat players to protest and they walked off into the dressing room, fully throwing all of their toys out of the pram. The most heated match was at PAT and saw a disallowed Port goal protested by the Port players. They quickly stopped laughing and ran off into the away dressing room. They converted it to go 2-1 up in the 80th minute. Chainat time wasted for 10 minutes, and Port had a player sent off deep into injury time. This incensed the Chainat team thinking the ref was just being persuaded by the intimidating atmosphere of the PAT crowd.

It was an insult to underused players like Terens and Bodin that he was brought on ahead of them. Millions spent on new players and were still relying on Tana? It was a shock to see that Tana, who appeared to have left the club late last season to become a policeman, was part of yesterdays matchday squad. What a joke. And it was an embarrassment to the rest of the team that he was Ports best player on the night and had our only shot on goal.

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This sending off effectively ended Ports chances of getting anything from the game. My first trip to Chainat saw our most important player our big Korean central defender Wo Hyun sent off for a very soft second yellow card offence. Chainat away in the rain has become a reference point, when talking about the worst games/away trips weve ever had to endure. It absolutely pissed it down and the away section has no cover there is a photo somewhere of people in raincoats and in the rain with the caption we will support you, or something like that.

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I actually prefer Rattanai, much better at handling crosses than Worawut and a better shot-stopper, and I also believe hes Mme Pangs favouriteso there you go. Agree the 5-4-1 worked well in the first half against Buriram, but youd need to change the striker Boskovic hasnt got the workrate or commitment to play as a lone striker.

Florents 2004-05 record, 660 minutes 2 goals. They also have the famous Florent Sinama-Pongolle (10), though this season hes been proving rather less than the marvelous marquee signing we thought he was hes probably just about found his level at the tail end of his career. Sinama youre one in a million, or maybe one in 330 minutes. Turn up with your Liverpool 2004-05 season shirts to get a memento of Liverpools greatest ever player who sounds like somewhere to watch films, (oh no wait there was Dave Odean who played for them in the 1954-56 season).

Tickets range from 80-100-150BHT. After this weeks late but sensible change of venue, tickets for Ports FA Cup semi with Bangkok Utd go on sale this Friday at Thai Ticket Major outlets and online athttps://www.thaiticketmajor.com/sport/chang-fa-cup-2019-semi-final-royal-thai-army-stadium.html.

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So here it is, accompanied by a pic of two players who, whilst they may not have been as naturally talented as some of the current side, always showed heart and knew what it meant to wear the Port shirt. After last nights gutless, embarrassing show by Port at Chainat, Ive decided to show as much effort, commitment and respect for my audience in this weeks match report as the players did last night.