Regional United (@1.2) vs Nenagh (@12.0)

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Regional United will win

Regional United – Nenagh Match Prediction | 27-10-2019 06:30

The Murphys from the Arch bar operated a shop from their estate car and Mary Keary had a shop operating from her press in the present old secondary school building. Memories of a 1976-1981 studentDuring this time the new national school was now occupied, and a canteen was opened in the old national school, serving apple pie and cream and even coffee made with milk.

Friends and Heartfelt ThanksI may add a little note to the above we all met twice this year, 2008, for a meal at the New Park Hotel and, thank God, we are all alive and have survived fifty five years and more.I will conclude by expressing my heartfelt thanks to the Presentation Sisters for without them we would not have got Secondary Education. Long may they reign in Athenry and carry on the work of Nano Nagle. We had no money or means to go boarding elsewhere.

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The happiest school yearI often remember the help and encouragement I received from the nuns who taught me in the last three years of school. It was a different world and it made us what we are today, for better or for worse. It was in the final year of school that our class really seemed to gel. Half day and dancesThe idea of a half-day of school on Saturday would horrify todays students and teachers alike. When I tell my family that we had to get permission from school to go to a dance, even before asking our parents, they find it impossible to believe. Looking back on that final year, it was one of the happiest of my life. Their hard work was not appreciated at the time by me but I realised as time went on and maturity set in that I was indeed fortunate to have had such dedicated teachers in PCA. From a massive forty plus in First Year we had dwindled to a mere dozen.

Brd Brennan (Principal), Fr. Middle, l-r: Carmel Burke, Nellie McNamara, Sr.Brd Kenny, Catherine OBrien, Birdie Kineen, __________, Mary OBrien, Florrie OShea, Ann Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Ryan, Kathleen Kennedy, Mary Keary and Mary McGovern. Back, l-r: Tommy Maloney, Pdraig Coimn, Peadar Monaghan, Mattie Fitzpatrick, Tony Sherlock, Tom Caulfield, Ned Waldron, Frank Burke and Tom Kelly. Charles OMalley (Chaplain), Patricia Cooke, Peggy Murphy and Molly Walsh. Front, l-r: Carmel Kennedy, Lena Conroy, Gerry Cloonan, Carmel Farragher, Gerry Kelly, Bridie Conroy, Sr.

They were great days, great teams, nurtured and supported by Sr. Martin OGrady, R.I.P., a man way ahead of his time. Bernie, my sister, says the first time she saw round bales was on our way to Kilkenny. Brid and everyone in the Pres and inspired by that amazing motivator, Fr. Sure, we thought there were only square bales!! Presentation College Athenry contested seven Senior All-Ireland Camogie titles in a row from 1973, won three in a row from 74 to 77 and two Junior All Ireland titles in 74 and 76.

1916 State Commemoration in Athenry on 28th March 2016

The State Capitation Grant, per child, as well as a small grant for teaching through Irish, was barely enough to pay the Basic Salary which the Convent had to pay to our Lay Teachers. Money was very scarce and the Convent was in debt for the one-storey school for quite a number of years. Teachers salaries were miserably low. Sister Rita OToole, who became Principal in 1952, wrote:The Home Economics Room was the only real classroom on the ground floor. Naturally there was much crowding, but we survived! The Sisters spared and denied themselves many small comforts and so the debt ended after some years of hardship. Rooms meant for Office Work, Music, School Lunch-time and toilet facilities had to be used over the years as classrooms. The building was beautifully finished with a fine corridor and the Home Economics Room was really a beautiful room, but perhaps a little too spacious, for those who had to keep it tidy! There were no State Grants for building purposes in those years. There were occasional Sales of Work, but not very many. Any help for heating and cleaning was not even contemplated by the State.

Nuala Newell, a gentle lady at a time when severity was the norm. I recognised my old teacher.Do you have her?, I asked one of the boys. Stanislaus, who brooked no nonsense or Sr. Somebody I regarded as stand-offish might only have been making me stand on my own two feet. Dip. Shes my favourite teacher, was the reply. There was Sr. Mary Keary for me was synonymous with Geography, and did I like Geography!Then there was lovely Catherine Heaney, who coached me in English for Inter Cert 1969 where I got my only grade A ever in any subject. What seemed to be affection on my part might have been infatuation. I wasnt the only pupil who felt a bit of sadness when she left the school after only two years.Ive been teaching in Pres Galway for a long time. That was the year of her H. Next year, she taught us French. Somebody great at the time might look ordinary now. A student recalls his favourite PCA teacher in 1969A hard call as my perceptions at the time and retrospectively might not agree. Some years ago, boys from St Marys College came selling their school magazine and there on page one was a staff photo.

I had never been in Athenry, either town or Convent though it is only 20 or so miles from Tuam. Tuam had been my home for the previous 17 years through Novitiate, University, and 10 years teaching in the boarding school. Stanislaus, now Teresa Mary. Three days before that I had been informed, coming off Retreat, that I was being appointed to Athenry Secondary School as Principal, replacing Sr. It was the last weekend of August 1968.

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Another very important aspect of my life in Athenry was youth work.